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A Few Words About Us

Culinary Hospitality Outreach and Wellness – You can call us CHOW.

Culinary Hospitality Outreach and Wellness believes that our community should take care of themselves and each other with as much care as they do their guests and ingredients. 

How do we address the pain we can’t see? CHOW has created a social support system to share out experiences and coping skills. Our community has an implicit understanding of work-related challenges that lead to more vulnerable, honest conversations. By sharing our pain, it becomes lighter. By sharing our success and joy, it gives all of us hope.

Let’s Talk about it

Like physical health, mental health is something we all possess, no matter what the condition it’s in. We know it’s difficult to maintain both while working in hospitality. We get it. That’s why CHOW wants to hear about it. Your stories of success and even struggle can inspire others to keep seeking solutions to problems common to all who work in our industry.

With attention given to mental health, our industry will thrive. Whether you’re in a good place or not, let’s talk about it.

Join The Community

Front or Back or the house, the hospitality industry is tough. It’s competitive, and can suck the life out of you. We’re aware that we can’t change industry culture overnight, but we also know that change starts with conversation.

By hosting meetings and online discussion groups, we hope that people within our industry will learn that they aren’t alone in the issues they face. Help  is here when you want it. Join the CHOW community.

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We know it’s hard to ask for help. In addition to our group discussions, we have curated a list of many resources. Creating better mental health is just like any new habit. There are a lot of ways to get there and there is no thing that’s right for everyone. Perhaps you need to brain dump in a group discussion or maybe you need to find sober people to hang out with.

This list should give you plenty of options to find what works for you.


Hospitality Professionals Suffer From Depression


Hospitality Workers Feel Stress From Their Job


Hospitality Professionals Never Speak To Anyone about Their Mental Health


Hospitality Workers feel they’ve been pushed to their breaking point

Let’s Talk about it!

Your Donations Matter

To keep our meetings and discussion groups free and accessible to all, we rely on grants and individual donations.

Please give whatever you can and support mental wellness in the hospitality industry.

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