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Weekend Update

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Happy Friday, CHOW Community!

CHOW is committed to sharing resources to support you on your path in wellness and recovery. As we celebrate the end of the week and anticipate the weekend, here is a list of rad initiatives that you can check out!

Let’s talk about Love Letters to Chefs.

Love Letters to Chefs is “an educational platform founded by Ishwariya Rajamohan to empower chefs to aspire towards and achieve a better quality of life. This is for you if you believe that: 

The old ways of being a chef are no longer serving us: Our kitchen culture prescribes that everything else besides cooking takes second place, but you know that your work suffers when your health (both mental and physical) is compromised, your relationships are strained, or your kitchen does not offer a supportive work environment. You feel a sense of urgency around creating a sustainable career for yourself.

But what is the new way? Even if you have taken steps to bring positive change into your cheflife or your kitchen, the path is far from easy. Because the industry and our ways of working are not going to change overnight. You have to stay connected to your values in order to navigate this status quo. You will need to get creative and make the most of your circumstances. This is where Love Letters to Chefs comes in – providing guidance, support and resources to help you forge the cheflife or team culture that serves you and your future”. 

Ishwariya recently sat down to have a chat with Erin Boyle (our Executive Director) and Melinda Dorn (our Outreach Coordinator) about the upcoming holiday season. They addressed work-life balance for culinary industry professionals, how to support wellbeing during the holidays, and what the “busy” season represents in the hospitality industry.

As December sets into motion one of the focused and professionally dense months for people in the hospitality industry, we address the disconnect of creativity and the overwhelming nature of the holidays.

Click below to watch the holiday discussion!

To learn more, visit www.loveletterstochefs.com

Speaking of the upcoming holidays…

Join us for our December holiday discussion series! Every Wednesday, from 3-4PM MST we will be hosting our Holiday Discussion Series on Zoom.

  • December Week 1: F.I.F.O. Feelings In, Feelings Out. Let’s talk about ways to get out from under seasonal blues before it’s too late. 
  • December Week 2: P.O.S. Systems: Protecting Our Sobriety. Let’s talk about strategy, support, and safety for a happy holiday season.
  • December Week 3: S.O.S: Sharing Our Story. Let’s talk about how we share our mental health and recovery journey with others.
  • December Week 4: F.O.H. Focus on Healthy – Boundaries. Let’s talk about navigating tricky situations with coworkers, friends and family.

What can you expect from a CHOW Holiday Discussion? Our Holiday Themed discussions will begin with our CHOW temperature take (sharing is always voluntary), and be centered around a holiday theme. Feel free to join in to listen, or join in on the conversation. All are welcome!

Looking for a Holiday Activity?

Embark PCA (Colorado Springs) is offering a Happiness Hour EVERY FRIDAY at their new location (411 S Cascade #100, Colorado Springs 80903) from 5-7PM MST.

Join in for fun, local food trucks and making meaningful connections!

Visit http://www.embarkpca.net for more information!

Sober AF Entertainment & TSRA invite you to join us at the West View Rec. Center in Westminster, CO to have some sober fun at the Three on Three Basketball Tournament!

Register at: http://www.soberafe.com

Join artist & mindfulness teacher, Quána Madison, for a monthly 60-minute creativity meditation workshop. This workshop will use a variety of guided imagery meditations, mindfulness exercises and expressive arts-based activities to promote relaxation, self-compassion, self-awareness, creativity and well-being.

In this workshop you will:

  • Use your imagination for creative visualization
  • Cultivate kindness and compassion for yourself
  • Explore mindfulness practices to promote well-being
  • Express your inner experiences and feelings through art-making

Register at: https://www.coloradoartistsinrecovery.org/creativity-meditation-workshop

FREE Trauma Informed Training through Resilient Colorado!

This training is for any adult or young adult interested in understanding the ‘why’ behind challenging behaviors and how to create safe spaces and healthier connections from wherever you are… parent, friend, colleague, etc. It provides an introduction to the neurobiology of trauma and toxic stress, the principles of Trauma Informed Care, and the science of resilience. Attendees will consider practical ways to support their own resilience and explore a helpful paradigm for leading through times of inner and outer disruption.

In this 90-minute training, they will:

• Define trauma and understand its prevalence as well as the impact of toxic stress
• Explore principles of Trauma-Informed Care
• Consider trauma-informed ways to lead your team, friends, or family through times of disruption
• Create an individual resilience plan to help sustain personal and professional well-being.

Register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcrd-qqqjgoGdKReBOHFmbgmGCz_oJGgi3L

CHOW on the news:

Here is a small preview of John Hinman being awarded Denver7’s Everyday Hero Award! Tune in next week to read about his journey and see the CHOW community silently cheering him on from the sidelines.