Mental Health Mondays

Happy Mental Health Monday!

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Welcome to another week rich with opportunities to invest in your wellness and recovery. CHOW strives to provide information, resources and shared experience to support you in creating a foundation of wellness in your daily life.

Let’s dive right in to this week’s mental health initiatives offered by CHOW (and other relevant organizations) to add to your week.

This week with CHOW

Join us for our Peer Group Discussions! CHOW hosts weekly virtual and in person meetings that are open to all service industry (and service industry adjacent) professionals.

What can I expect from a CHOW meeting?

  • CHOW discussions last one hour
  • Sobriety is not required (you are welcome wherever you are in your journey!)
  • Participation is not required (feel free to join in and listen!)
  • They are attended by a Host and a Peer Support Specialist (that can offer extra support and resources to anyone who might need them!)
  • They begin with an ice breaker exercise (they’re fun, we promise!)
  • They are started with a question or a theme, and develop into great discussions!

Visit for Zoom information!

Looking for more opportunities to support your wellness this week? Look no further!

SAMHSA’s Exploratory Webinar Series

Alcohol Is Still a Drug

Join the Webinar series on Tuesday, December 2nd at 11:00 a.m. ET.

The December 7, 2021 session will focus on Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment. All sessions in this series will be held on the first Tuesday of each month from 11:00–11:30 a.m. ET. There will be a new expert presenter for every session.

These are the overall learning objectives for the full 10-session series:

  1. Summarize the current impacts of problematic alcohol use in various/special populations, including pregnant women, youth, rural, and minority populations.
  2. Assess and prioritize alcohol reduction efforts in targeted settings.
  3. Describe the current efforts to curb problematic alcohol use, including best practices in providing treatment

Register at:

Professional Boundaries

This interactive course will discuss professionalism and ethics, dual relationships, and how to build a safe working environment. The content reviews how to maintain professional boundaries as encouraged and according to the guidelines established by the code of ethical and professional conduct required by the New York State Office of Addiction Supports and Services.

Register at:

Sober/Sober Curious Fun with SOBER AF Entertainment

Join SOBER AF on Wednesday, December 8th from 7-11PM MST at Capital Cigars for a sober night of poker and dessert sampling!

Sober Events in Steamboat Springs

Have you heard of C.R.A.F.T?

CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) is an Evidence-Based Program with a 70% success rate in getting your loved one to reduce use or accept help. 

The skills you’ll learn will help you build confidence and power to actively influence your child, rebuild relationships and communication, and regain your own equilibrium.

C.R.A.F.T offers a wide variety of support groups and meetings, both virtual and in person. In these meetings you will learn:

  • Skills to improve communication & relationships
  • Skills to improve coping
  • Understanding of substances and effects on the developing brain
  • Non-confrontational intervention methods
  • Empowerment Skills
  • Peer Support

Check out their meeting times here:

CHOW Reminders

Our #givingtuesday campaign is still LIVE and ongoing for the rest of December!

Please consider making CHOW your non profit of choice when donating this season. Your generosity helps us serve those who serve US!

Our goal for December is to reach $10.000 in donations. Reaching this goal will allow for us to create ONE more weekly CHOW discussion group, attended by a Peer Support Specialist. By encouraging donations, we make sure that our CHOW meetings are free and accessible to all service industry professionals.

Visit to make a donation today!

Have a great week!