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Happy Friday, CHOW Community!

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The weekend is upon us again! Whatever your role within the industry is, we can all agree that weekends are a complicated topic for most industry professionals and industry veterans. We would love to fill up your weekend with opportunities to invest in your wellness and recovery.

Scroll down to see events (both online and in person) hosted by CHOW or other relevant organizations. We believe in connection with other organizations, and we aim to bring you a great collection of opportunities for this weekend.

CHOW FREE Mental Health Training

Join us every Monday in December for a four week rotation of FREE Mental Health Classes.

Our Amuse classes have a different theme every week, delving into issues affecting workplace wellness for service industry professionals.

You can complete your four week rotation in any order, so feel free to register for our Monday class even if you’ve missed week one!

Join us every Monday in December, 9-10:30MST (90 minute sessions)

Register at: http://www.chowco.org/meetings

CHOW Yoga Class

Join Laura Fessenden (Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy) for a 60 minute yoga class with this special offer – BUY ONE ($35) GET ONE FREE.

Your customizable Yoga class is tailored for your needs. It will follow a six part series designed to have carry over into your daily life. The guided 60 minute session will be structured as follows:

  1. Breath & Movement: Movement to get heart rate elevated
  2. Edge: Poses for presence in the body
  3. Drop In: Focus on physical sensations
  4. Meditation: Silent & Present
  5. Insight: Inventory and evaluation of the process
  6. Action: How to take these lessons with you

Register for this class at: https://lfyogatherapy.as.me/?appointmentType=28770915

Writing Affirmations // Mithra Trust

Mithra provides safe spaces for people to express themselves, introspect, feel a sense of connectedness through The Meh® sessions which include Let’s Discuss The Meh®, Doodles For The Meh®, Writing For The Meh®, and The Meh® During A Pandemic Webinar. 

Mithra Trust commits to maintaining a safe and brave space for the queer community and for survivors of all forms of sexual, physical, emotional, and gender-based violence.

This writing session features simple, practical, mindful, and enjoyable writing exercises to process the many emotions we feel.

Friday, December 10th at 5:30AM MST (75 minute session).

Register for this session here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf-5BTD6HHZMeriIbZnshxzLd7a1GPvH3NwEOZReLkUxBkBLw/viewform

Feel Your Creative Spirit // Colorado Artists in Recovery (CAiR)

In this class CAiR will be exploring emotions and how we process them. We will use creativity as a means to process our achievements, hardships, love, pain, joy, sorrow, and everything else daily life hits us with! You will learn that these heavy emotions aren’t meant to bring us down, they are meant to show us the path and teach us along the way. We will build confidence, grow strength, and find clarity through the creative process.

Starting January 12th, 2022 from 6:30-8PM MST (90 minute session).

Register at: https://www.coloradoartistsinrecovery.org/workshop-registration

Getting Through the Holidays-Sober, Calm and Having Fun! 

Dreading the pressure to meet everyone else’s needs and keep them happy? Already feeling anxious about having to hang out with certain family members? Worried you’ll eat too much or get tempted to drink? Let’s use some SMART Recovery Tools to brainstorm and plan ahead, practice some quick self-soothing techniques, and enjoy a powerful meditation to strengthen and inspire you!

Pre-registration by 12/11, 1PM is necessary, email victoria@shesonthewayback.com.

Donation suggested, masks required.

Sunday, December 12th. 3:30-5PM MST (90 minutes)

Register at: https://allevents.in/denver/getting-through-the-holidays-sober-calm-and-having-fun/200021908080135

CHOW on Denver7 this week

Have you seen our CHOW Founder, John Hinman, and Executive Director, Erin Boyle on Denver7 yet?

Well, spoiler alert: they absolutely slayed the day!

The Denver7 Everyday Hero Award is presented to Coloradans who are making a difference in their community. John was thrilled to receive this award in recognition of how CHOW has been supporting industry professionals with their wellness and recovery.

If you want to help us support industry professionals, and serve those who serve us, consider contributing to our #givingtuesday fundraiser. Our goal is to reach $10.000 in donations in the month of December; reaching this monetary goal would fund another weekly CHOW meeting for service industry professionals. We aim to keep our support and community FREE and accessible, and your donations enable us to do that!

Watch the interview here: https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/7everyday-hero/denver7-everyday-hero-provides-mental-health-support-for-hard-hit-service-industry