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Mental Health Mondays

Happy Mental Health Monday!

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The holidays are only a few days away and we have a lot of rad items to showcase to our community. Whether its fun holiday themed recipes or online support groups, CHOW highlights all elements to support your wellness and recovery. Our resources are FREE and showcased to be relevant to service industry professionals.

CHOW’s Mental Health Monday News:

Have you joined us for a CHOW meeting yet? Join our community today!

What do our meetings entail?

  • 60 minute sessions
  • Sobriety is NOT required (show up wherever you are on your journey!)
  • Sharing is NOT compulsory (feel free to join in and just listen or share, whatever you like!)
  • We begin with a temperature take, which is an emotional check in using a scale of rare to well done (we are industry peeps, we use what we know!)
  • Our Peer Support guides us through an ice breaker exercise (they’re fun, I promise!)
  • Then our discussion begins with a theme, and awesome conversations ensues!

We would love to see new faces at our meetings! All are welcome.

CHOW January Amuse Mental Health Training

Are you so excited? We are SO excited! Our January Amuse rotation is starting in just a couple of weeks.

Our Amuse Mental Health training is:

  • Completely FREE
  • Very accessible (three weekday slots available!)
  • Designed for industry professionals BY industry professionals
  • 90 minute sessions
  • 6 hours total of training
  • Four week rotation (follow whatever schedule suits you best!)

What does our FREE Mental Health Training cover?

1) Week One: How are you, really? We’ll take a look at workplace balance and wellness and setting goals.

2) Week Two: How do we recognize when someone is struggling in the workplace? By Maintaining Interest in Someone Else (MISE) we can support ourselves and others more effectively.

3) Week Three: What does recovery mean to you? We will shed light some myths and stigma about recovery and offer resources.

4) Week Four: How do you assert your needs in the workplace? We will identify healthy communication styles that can make the industry a safer, saner, place to be. 

Offered on a four week rotation:

Wednesday 12-1:30PM MST

Thursday 7-8:30PM MST

Friday 9-10:30AM MST

To register for this upcoming training, visit http://www.chowco.org/meetings

In other wellness news…

Vision and Mental Health

Did you know that your vision can impact your mental health, and vice versa? Vision issues can negatively impact both physical well-being and mental health. In turn, many psychiatric conditions and medications can increase the odds of vision-related issues.

Vision loss and impairment are largely preventable and treatable. The progression of eye disorders and conditions can be stalled and managed with proper and regular eye care. The best way to improve your eye health, and therefore your mental health, is to get regular eye exams and routine eye care from a trained professional.

To learn more about vision and mental health, visit: https://www.nvisioncenters.com/education/mental-health-guide/

GBSM’s 2021 Holiday Recipe Collection

The holidays are a time for joy, celebration, and a bit of gastronomic indulgence. The GBSM team is sharing their favorite holiday recipes and a little story about why they are so special to them.

To access the James Beard Foundation’s recipes, visit: https://www.gbsm.com/gbsms-2021-holiday-recipe-collection/

SAMHSA’s Motivational Interviewing Seminar

This interactive learning community conversation focuses the misconception that Motivational Interviewing is a ‘technique’ to get people to do what we (workers & providers) want them to do. This way of thinking about MI could not be further from the truth. Join the learning community to explore the benefits of practicing MI, even if it’s not magic, mesmerism, or manipulation.

Goal(s): To address misconceptions about why, when, and how to use/practice Motivational Interviewing.

Learning Objectives:
1. Distinguish between Client Centered Counseling, the Stages of Change Model, and MI.
2. Identify when and when not to practice MI.
3. List the benefits of practicing MI.
4. Demonstrate execution of the EPE exchange method of offering information & feedback.

Dec 28, 2021 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYvdO6pqz4tHdMA40ZX5ovqjc9EsfXMNGD1

Join our CHOW Giveaway!

We are celebrating the upcoming holidays and our ONE month-versary for our online shop! This is your chance to win some rad CHOW merch to support the cause. We will be sending a personalized CHOW merch box to THREE lucky winners.

Want to enter our giveaway?

Here is how:

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Easy peasy, right?

Giveaway ends on December 23rd at 8PM MST.

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