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Happy Holidays!

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CHOW community, we wish you a joyous holiday season filled with wellness and support! As always, we stand behind industry workers, strengthening wellness and recovery through shared experiences and resources. Peep some holiday specific skills, trainings and events below!

Holiday Survival tips from heyPeers

Holiday stress is here! With that said, you can prepare to minimize it as much as possible. 

  • Practice Deep Breathing – It may sound simple enough, but one of the biggest causes of stress is that we forget to breathe correctly. So whether it’s taking deep breaths or practicing breathing meditation, you want to make sure to breathe out stress during the holidays.  
  • Prioritize – You’ve been invited to several holidays activities. Before you say yes to all of them, consider the ones you want to go to and the invites you will pass on. It is okay to say no.  
  • Meditate – As a way to ground yourself and continue to practice self-care during the holiday season, meditating is a great way to combat stress. A few minutes a day has been shown to help relieve tension and stress!  
  • Seek Peer Support-  Connect with others who are going through similar issues. Connecting with others has been shown to improve feelings of depression, anxiety, and reduce stress. 

Holiday Meditation From Mental Health Action Partners

We hope you are getting ready for a joyous and restful holiday break. We know it can be hard to find time for yourself during the holidays – we invite you to click our Yule log below to enjoy a full minute for a mental health break.

Watch the video at: https://app.shift.io/review/61c24405fa7dc24b2783d670/88850d8a-b1d4-4f40-afb9-dc43698158e3

CHOW Wellness Activities

The City of Steamboat offers Free Ski Sundays at Howelson Hill downtown every week! 

Steamboat Springs City Council approved free skiing on Sundays six years ago and ushered in Colorado’s most affordable Sunday lift ticket as a way to celebrate the community’s Olympian spirit and honor the tradition of this historic ski area. Skiing since 1915, Howelsen Hill has produced nearly 100 winter Olympians and has helped generations of Steamboat residents enjoy the sport.

This is the oldest operating ski hill in the state. How rad is that? 

💚 CHOW reps and members will meet in the ski lodge at 10am and ride together to get to know one another and discuss the meetings. 

💚 CHOW team will reserve 10 tickets and participants are encouraged to go to this site and reserve tickets for themselves as well. 

💚 We will ski however long we desire, and the hill closes at 4pm. 

This will be a great way to talk about what CHOW is, how the meetings can impact the community, and how the community wishes to engage. 

✅ Single session “Chairlift Therapy” with peers will be highlighted and we will start the day off with coffee and donuts!

✅ CHOW peeps will be meeting at the ski lodge! 

Visit https://www.steamboatsprings.net/619/Ski-Free-Sundays for more info! 

looking for sober/sober curious holiday activities? look no further!

Wishing you a safe and joyous holiday season!