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Happy Friday, CHOW community!

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This is such an incredibly exciting time for CHOW. We’re seeing new faces on our meetings, we’re meeting people interested in our work, and we’re overflowing with gratitude for everyone in our community. CHOW has some exciting news for you, starting with some good ole fashioned “thank you” messages, new February dates for our FREE Mental Health Training (what are you waiting for?!) and so much more.

CHOW news

CHOW’s mission is to support wellness within the hospitality industry and to improve the lives of our community through shared stories, skills, and resources.

Want to learn more about how this community impacts the lives of hospitality industry professionals?

Peep this video featuring people who LOVE this community and what it stands for!

Anyone who’s dined in a restaurant has experienced hospitality. From servers and bartenders to dishwashers and chefs, each person working in a restaurant gives their all to make guests feel welcome, cared for and nourished.

Our mission is to return the favor. To care for the people who take such good care of us. To provide a place for restaurant staff to feel supported, heard and appreciated. To facilitate gatherings where we can build meaningful connections with folks who “get it.” To lift each other up so we don’t lose anyone else to suicide, addiction or struggles surrounding mental health.

february Amuse FREE Mental Health Training

Registration for this Mental Health Training is now OPEN, but fear not! We take walk ins as well, and you can start whenever you like. Feel free to stack your four week training however your schedule allows.

Register at http://www.chowco.org/meetings

RALI Colorado Mental Health Webinar feat. Culinary Hospitality Outreach and Wellness (CHOW)

On January 10th RALI Colorado co-hosted an exciting webinar with Culinary Hospitality Outreach and Wellness (CHOW) featuring Sen. Larry Liston and Rep. Mark Snyder. Our panel of experts spoke to the ways that the restaurant industry is supporting employees who are struggling with mental health and substance misuse. The panel included:

  1. Special Guests Senator Larry Liston and Rep. Mark Snyder, as well as Sen. Cleave Simpson, and Rep. Dan Woog
  2. Chef Brother Luck
  3. Chef Paul Reilly
  4. Chef Hosea Rosenburg
  5. Chef John Hinman

View the full webinar below.


The Restaurant Mental Health Toolkit

No matter what brings you to restaurants—whether it’s passion or a paycheck— there’s no denying just how tough the work can be on your mental health. While overcoming the industry’s worst offenses (lack of health care, low pay, long hours, tyrannical behavior, etc.) will require a full cultural reset, there are small steps workers and owners can take to improve their mental well-being and create a culture that fosters kindness, compassion, and wellness. That’s what this issue and toolkit are all about: learning how to take care of yourself and others, sharing resources, and starting hard, long-overdue conversations about mental health in restaurants.

Going there episodes

Sound Mind Live and Consequence present Going There, a podcast hosted by licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Mike. The podcast series aims to create a safe space for musicians to have honest, healthy conversations about mental health.

On the latest episode, listen to Grace Gaustad open up about experiencing anti-LGBTQ+ bullying in high school and how that triggered her depression. She also discusses her non-profit BLKBX Project focused on teen mental health and her personal self-care regimen.

Join us at the crossroads where music and mental health meet, and listen to the mental health journeys of Alessia Cara, Jason Isbell, Open Mike Eagle, Julien Baker and more on Going There.

Visit https://www.soundmindlive.org/events for more information!

Have a wonderful weekend!