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CHOW Wellness Weekend - Black History Month

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We have a rad collection of events, webinars and trainings that are both local to Colorado peeps and online – are you ready? Mark your calendars, folks, February is a month packed with cool activities!

Colorado Sober/Sober Curious Spaces

Are you extending Dry January or exploring a sober/sober curious lifestyle? Here are some hip, fresh up and coming Colorado spaces created for people JUST LIKE YOU.

Here’s how to paint the town without the hangover!

Forget Me Not

This chic Cherry Creek cocktail bar could be forgiven if they poured all of their effort into the incredible liquor-based drinks they serve, but their nonalcoholic sips are anything but afterthoughts. From the Green Machine with Seedlip Grove, cucumber, ginger, and salted lemon that’s always on the menu, to the bartenders’ creative off-the-cuff creations, this is one of our favorite places to drink without, well, drinking. 227 Clayton St.

Nest Café & Bar at Nurture

Besides all the juices, smoothies, kombuchas, and teas, Nest mixes up five “Free Spirit” cocktails and pours two Grüvi non-alcoholic beers and wines. Further proof that they prioritize the alcohol-free options? The All Damn Day Margarita, mint julep, and other nonalcoholic cocktails are listed ahead of the “Spirited” booze-infused drinks on their menu. 2949 Federal Blvd.

Death & Co.

The iconic cocktail bar has just as high of expectations for their zero-proof drinks as they do for their full proof. There are always multiple options—like the tropical Beach Ritual with coconut, lemon, and carrot—and each is somehow better than the last. So try them all. It’s not like you need a DD to get home. 1280 25th St.


The nonalcoholic offerings at Awake aren’t just a portion of the menu, they’re the entire menu. Obviously being a sober bar and all, these get all the attention, so you know they’re not playing second fiddle to any other drinks. From the Weighted, Buttered Blanket (a hot buttered rum-ish) to the CBD-ini to the Smoked Sage Honeybee, the 30-deep drink lineup is varied and complex. 2240 N. Clay St.

Sullivan Scrap Kitchen

This restaurant is all about reducing food waste by cross-utilizing ingredients between the restaurant and sister catering operation TBD Foods. For their $5 seasonal shrub mocktail—which is as tasty as it is a great deal—they infuse leftover beet peels and lemon rinds into the simple syrup for the shrub. 1740 E. 17th Ave.

Honey Elixir Bar

Besides cool ingredients like marshmallow root honey syrup, house-brewed coconut chai, and Angel Heart roses, a lot of good juju goes into the five potions on Honey’s nonalcoholic menu. Check out the warming Saved by Saffron, made with Moroccan saffron, ashwagandha, rose, spices, and honey. 2636 Walnut St.

Room for Milly

This gorgeous Platte Street bar wants you to be curious, so it’s only natural that it’s a comfortable place for the sober curious. Zero-proof cocktails include the intricate Cantab mixed with iced jasmine tea, Japanese plum shrub, pomegranate, and mint, and the tiki-ish Leeward Islands with Seedlip Spice, guava, lemon juice, Medjool date, and orange blossom water. 1615 Platte St.

Roger’s Liquid Oasis at Edgewater Public Market

Dry January doesn’t mean you have to skip brunch. Roger’s Liquid Oasis makes virgin bloodies, mimosas with Grüvi bubbles, and micheladas. Or go for a Seedlip Spice and Giffard Apertivo-based negroni at 10 a.m. You do you. 5505 W. 20th Ave., Edgewater

Rad upcoming Community events

Sunday Feb. 13th

6981 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO Doors open @ 3:30 pm

Kick off @ 4:30 pm

Cheer on your team! 

Bring your favorite football dish, dessert, sober beverage or just yourself. 


What’s your favorite game? Charades, Monopoly, Dominoes, Checkers, or Go-Fish? 

Join us for RecoverWE game night Saturday Feb. 26th, 4pm-8pm. 

Bring a game and snacks to share.

Celebrating All Pathways of Recovery and Fun.


Workshops & Trainings

Creativity Meditation Workshop

Saturday, February 26th – 

10 AM (MST)


Zoom link will be sent to your email once registered.

Join artist & mindfulness teacher, Quána Madison, for a monthly 60-minute creativity meditation workshop. This workshop will use a variety of guided imagery meditations, mindfulness exercises and expressive arts-based activities to promote relaxation, self-compassion, self-awareness, creativity and well-being.

​In this workshop you will:

  • Use your imagination for creative visualization
  • Cultivate kindness and compassion for yourself
  • Explore mindfulness practices to promote well-being
  • Express your inner experiences and feelings through art-making

Have a wonderful weekend!