Mental Health Mondays

Happy Monday!

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Here are some rad community initiatives and opportunities to bolster your wellness and recovery with CHOW this week!

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Women in Hospitality: Chef Idalee Cathcart

We love to highlight the work of the women in our hospitality community!

Check out Chef Idalee’s work at:

Colorado Restaurant Association Restaurant Relief Fund

The CRA has launched Restaurant ReliefTM — our new program that gets you the cash you need immediately so you can continue to recover from the pandemic and return to full strength.

Restaurant ReliefTM is helping restaurants throughout the state expedite COVID financial assistance, and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on yours.


The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a federal COVID tax incentive that can help your restaurant. You may qualify for up to $26,000 per employee—but the ERC filing process is complex and time-consuming, and many CPAs are unaware of its eligibility requirements.

Our Easy ERCTM will help you claim this free money.

The CRA has partnered with Adesso Capital to help our members file for their ERC funds. The Adesso team has helped restaurants across the U.S. claim an average of $125,000 in ERC funds per filing.

Their tax experts can estimate how much ERC funds you may be eligible for with one ten-minute phone call.

Call 888-388-5530 Mon-Fri 7am-6pm MT or click to get started.

Once you know how much ERC money you can expect, the Adesso team will file for you with the IRS.

And Adesso will monitor the progress of your filing until you receive your ERC funds.

Love Letters to Chefs: Women in the Industry and Rest

A word from our friend, Ishoo:

We work in an industry where, more often than not, we have to prioritise what needs to get done over our own needs. We learn those ways of being and doing that seep into our personal time outside the workplace. Today I invite you to take a look at your own relationship with rest.

Many chefs I know struggle to switch off on their days off. This is not surprising, given that we become accustomed to the busyness that we experience on a daily basis. We crave something to draw us back into action mode again. Then there are others who feel guilty doing things for themselves on their days off, because they rarely get to spend any other time with loved ones. Some might even struggle with their identities when they are not being useful – something many experienced during the first lockdown.

When it comes to the subject of rest, we can respond in one of many ways:

  • You might be dismissive – that you do not need the rest. So you push through your task just like you would back at work
  • You might feel guilty, as I stated above, because someone or something else needs you more than you do
  • Or you might not feel you deserve to rest – if you have not expended enough energy or done enough during the week, you might try to compensate for it through busyness on your days off

Whatever the case might be, do this exploration without judgement. Just be curious about how you relate to the subject of rest.

Recently I read an article that laid out the seven different types of rest we have accommodate into our lives:  physical, mental, emotional, social, sensory, creative and spiritual. To me it feels like a very Western thing – to intellectualise something as fluid as rest. That knowledge might be useful, but it is nothing if you think about rest in your head.


What is more helpful is to be tuned in to your need for rest

If you can do that, you are halfway there – all that remains is to honour that need in whatever way you can, as soon as you can. We do not have to make it more complicated than that!

Rest is one of the topics I address in my workshop next month for women in Hospitality. We look at how feminine energy can help you access and honour self care.

Join me! Bookings close on Thursday March 4th.

Take care

Dork Dancing in Denver

Have you guys heard of this rad new initiative? Meet Ethan Levi, Dork Dancer and Founder of Dork Dancing (currently based in Denver). On top of being a recent CO transplant (check out his socials and give him a warm Colorado welcome, you guys!), Ethan has been dancing through the pandemic (and across the world) for mental health.

Dork dancing is a free dance movement & mental health advocacy campaign where celebration & activism meet for a happier & healthier world!

Dork Dancing is currently happening EVERY Sunday! Visit to find out more information

Visit to join their Discord chat (honestly, how innovative? We love!)

Watch Ethan’s journey below:

Have a great week!