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Observed as an opportunity to promote education and the prevention of sexual violence, Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) traces its history to the 1970s, when activists first began organizing on a national scale to reduce sexual assault and violence against women.

Advocates fought tirelessly to bring a topic once taboo for public discussion out of the shadows and shed light on the widespread problem of sexual assault.

Join us this month as we promote relevant resources and initiatives to better educate ourselves!


  1. Educate yourself / To learn more about how to prevent sexual assault and domestic violence and support survivors, take a look at the resources compiled by the Sexual Violence Resource Center on its website or contact your local rape crisis center.
  2. Volunteer or donate / Many wonderful organizations do the vital work of advocating for better laws, counseling survivors, and developing educational campaigns. You can donate your time or money to a worthy organization to help them keep their operations going.
  3. Attend an event / Find your local Take Back the Night rally or other public event honoring Sexual Assault Awareness Month and show your solidarity with the cause.

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A Message from RAINN

At RAINN, we’re dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual violence every day of the year—but each April for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (#SAAPM) we do a little something different.

During SAAPM, we ask individuals and communities across the country to engage with this issue by learning more about sexual violence, sharing information, bringing together our community, volunteering, and donating. Below we have everything you need—information, planning tips, social media posts and graphics—so you can easily share, tweet, and tag with @RAINN throughout the month.

Together, we can support survivors and change the way our communities respond to sexual violence.


Beyond the Numbers:  Echoes of the Opioid Epidemic

Beyond the Numbers
 : Echoes of the Opioid Epidemic, is a collection of moving personal stories from people touched by the opioid crisis and substance use disorder and how their lives have been filled with love, loss, and hope. Overdose statistics only tell one part of the story, these highly moving videos show us the story beyond the numbers.

This video project was created by individuals living with opioid or substance use disorder, people in recovery, and people who have lost loved ones. Beyond the Numbers was created by the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention’s Affected Families and Friends Work Group.

Visit to see this amazing initiative!

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