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It’s Mental Health Monday!

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We are so excited to announce Wellness in the Park 2022 as we continue to search for partners and extend invitations to local restaurants. We’re working hard to make this event an awesome community initiative for all hospitality industry workers!

Join Us at a CHOW Meeting

CHOW is Looking for Partners

We are looking for sponsors for Wellness in the Park 2022! ✨

This rad community initiative will be taking place June 12th, 2022 from 10-1PM MST at Sloan’s Lake (Denver).

This free three-hour event will feature health and wellness activities, substance use recovery and mental health tools, and of course some fun!

Our intention is to bring industry leaders, restaurant ambassadors and community members together to connect and support one another. 

Want to hear more about what a partnership sounds like? 👂 

DM us or e-mail community@chowco.org for details! 

Be the Change: Active bystander skills for stopping hate

Saturday, April 16, 2-5 pm ET via Zoom
For everyone age 14+

If you’ve seen or heard harassment, microaggressions, or worse, you may have wished there were more you could have said or done. Even if it’s just a friend making a “joke” about a group of people.

Interrupting hate and other problematic behaviors is a concrete way to create change. But it’s not always easy to do.

In our Be the Change workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to tell if someone’s being harassed
  • How to assess if it’s safe for you to step in and help
  • How to safely bring the temperature down when a situation is heating up
  • 5 steps to take to help get someone out of harm’s way
  • What to say if you hear someone saying something hateful or otherwise oppressive.

Who: For everyone age 14 and up
What: 3 hours of interactive learning with practical exercises based on real-life situations
When + where: Saturday, April 16, 2-5 pm ET via Zoom
How: $59 per person. Let us know if you can’t afford the full fee.

Slots are limited, so register soon!

Visit https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=20393303&appointmentType=30273639 for more details!

MHA Mental Health Screenings

Each day, over 3,000 people take a mental health screen at MHAscreening.org. Since 2014, we’ve screened nearly 5 million people for mental health conditions – most of them under the age of 24. 

We know that they’re scared, confused, and looking for answers. And we’re here to help. 

After taking a mental health screen, individuals are provided with information, resources, tools, and referrals based on their results. You can help support our free online screening tools at MHAscreening.org that continue to serve people.

CRA Action Alert

State Representatives Leslie Herod (D) and Dylan Roberts (D) are trying to get a bill introduced that would initiate a third round of sales tax relief for Colorado restaurants. Remember, in 2020 and 2021, the State Legislature passed legislation that allowed restaurants to keep up to $2,000 per month (over several months) of the sales tax they collected.

This bill would be another round of sales tax relief for a four-month period, allowing restaurants to keep up to $2,900 per month.

We need your help telling legislators why this is important right now. 

The Democrats in the legislature will meet shortly to decide which bill proposals get funding and which bills will not move forward in this legislative session. In order for this proposal to move forward, we need to show the Democrats in Colorado why this bill is so important. 

Please take a few minutes right now to reach out to your elected officials and explain the importance of helping the restaurant industry at this very difficult time. 

Sober AF x Colorado Avalanche

S.A.F.E is partnering with the Colorado Avalanche to host a sober support event and sober section for the game April 16, Saturday. Our sober support event starts at 5:30pm inside Ball Arena at the Continental Divide Boardroom on the Club Level. We will have food and nonalcoholic drinks served with a tailgate theme. 

Embark PCA Events

The Easter Bunny Can’t Afford Eggs This Year!

Another week, another increase in the average Wholesale price (+0.49%). There were still a few (okay, three) categories that came down while the majority saw increases across proteins and produce. We knew the avian flu was going to create upward pressure, but definitely didn’t see this big of a spike in Shell Eggs.

A whopping 10.20% increase in Shell Egg average Wholesale price this week. We also saw increases in Fresh Bell Pepper (+9.81%), Fresh Potatoes (+3.14%), Ground Beef (+1.31%), and then smaller increases in Fresh Lettuce (+0.68%), Chicken Breast (+0.62%), Pork Shoulder (+0.51%), and Pork Loin (+0.38%).

There were a couple of categories that saw average Wholesale price decreases. Beef Strip Loin came off last week’s spike with a drop of 3.82%. Fresh Onions were down 2.79% and with the Final Four over, Chicken Wing dropped 0.65%.

Average Commodity price saw an even bigger increase, going up 1.42%, so look for Wholesale to go even higher in the future. Wholesale is now up 24% YoY…but Commodity is up 30%! Can you swap that Chicken Breast dish for Chicken Wing?

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