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It’s the Last Friday of April!

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Can you believe that soon… It’s gonna be MAY? If you know, you know.

Before we start celebrating Mental Health Awareness month, we have things to share with you for this upcoming Wellness Weekend.

CHOW x Raise the Bar Training

Do you work in a restaurant/bar that serves alcohol?

Would you like to learn some actions techniques to de-escalate or prevent sexual assault and harassment?

Register in advance for this meeting:


Harassment of Restaurant Workers is Rising

In fact, 73% of all women and 78% of women of color in these jobs said they regularly endure or witness “sexual behaviors from customers that make them uncomfortable.”

But the problem is that low wages trap workers in unsafe working conditions. Many restaurant workers don’t earn a livable wage, so they are forced to work for tips to survive — even if that means suffering customer harassment.

And that’s exactly why restaurant workers are leaving the industry in droves. 

Melinda, we have a plan to enact One Fair Wage for service industry workers, but we need your help. 

Right now, we have volunteers on the ground in Michigan working to get One Fair Wage on the ballot in 2022. And if we’re successful in Michigan, we’ll be able to take our model nationwide. Will you help us get it done? 

Pitch in a contribution of any amount today to support our organization and our volunteers to help put an end to these working conditions:

Visit https://secure.actblue.com/donate/ofwaction-email?refcode=220428em

Colorado Springs Softball League

KHESED x Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

We invite you to participate in FREE virtual events focused on ways to care for your mental health that go beyond traditional talk therapy.

Event participants will learn new practices, make connections, and be entered to win a Wellness Pack with prizes from our friends at Sexy Pizza, White Lotus Therapeutics, Bonanno Concepts, and more! Reserve your spot and invite a friend (or two).

Go to www.khesedwellness.com/mham for more info on our upcoming events.

Defend Yourself

Growing independence calls for growing skills

How often do you hear ‘You were right, Mom’?

The early teen years are filled with firsts, and you want the young people in your life to be prepared to make good decisions. That means they need skills and perspective to be as safe as possible as they stretch and grow.

Defend Yourself can help: Empowerment and self-defense skills support young people in navigating friendships, facing a bully, walking or riding public transit without an adult, starting to date, staying home alone, and more.

We invite those ages 13 to 15 (and their adults) to join us for Empowerment and Self-Defense: Intro for young teens to learn skills to be safer and more confident in every part of life: at school, home, or when out and about.

You’ll learn: 
• How boundary violations — everything from harassment to attack – work. This is key to prevention and avoiding being targeted
• Verbal skills for setting limits: How to say “no” when you want to and how to ask for what you want. How to stick to your message when someone pushes the boundaries you’ve set. 
• Physical strikes for if you’re ever attacked.

Join us for 2 hours of interactive learning with practical exercises based on real-life situations in a small group.

The workshop is Sunday, May 15, 3-5 pm Eastern via Zoom, so people in almost any U.S. time zone can join us!

Anyone can do this! You don’t have to be an athlete or a martial artist to help yourself be safer. You’ll leave the workshop with practical skills you can use right away.

Find out more and register here — spaces are limited.

Look at what one parent told us: 
“My teen daughter went to humor me but left with a whole new perspective on self-awareness and physical safety. I actually received a rare and wonderful, ‘You were right, Mom.’ I also discovered that my own voice was still there, very loud, and I’m happy to finally have some self-defense moves.”

Learn more and reserve your spot now.

PS — You should know: The research backs us upEmpowerment self-defense training reduces sexual assault by more than 60%. And it not only prevents the bad things — it also increases confidence, self-efficacy, and more!

Have a wonderful weekend!