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It’s the first Monday of May!

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Mental Health Awareness month is our JAM. We have so many cool things happening this month that we are excited to announce to our community. Join us as we showcase initiatives, trainings and opportunities to invest in your mental health and wellness this month… AND BEYOND!

CHOW May Amuse’ Course

Join us at a CHOW Meeting

RecoverWE and Spring

May with Our Friends in Steamboat Springs

Webinar: Acceptance & Commitment Skill-Building for Adolescents

Nate Gruner Teaches Young Adults To Accept & Cope With Tough Situations

To some, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is associated with treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder. However, the strategies used in ACT can be beneficial for folks with depression, anxiety, substance use, and other conditions. In fact, its principles can be applied to anyone at any age, regardless of their mental health status.

What are the components of ACT that teens and young adults can benefit from learning? How do we engage our kids in making positive changes in their behaviors and thoughts? What can parents gain from these same techniques?

Join us as Nate Gruner, LICSW, explains the benefits of ACT principles on the mental health of young adults, discusses how these applications can lead to more meaningful and fulfilling lives, and answers audience questions about how these small, habitual practices can have a big impact.

Tuesday, May 3 @ 2pm ET

Register at https://home.mcleanhospital.org/webinar-110?hsCtaTracking=a5dc2c3f-20a3-429a-8472-954f6c25e0cb%7C08399843-cb50-493a-84b7-47963ba13ba6#register

Our Friends at Bonanno Concepts Making Big Moves

Restaurant workers have had it especially hard during the pandemic, enduring more than two years of Covid risks, job insecurity and bad customer behavior. At one restaurant group in Colorado, stressed-out employees are getting help from their employer in one creative way: an on-staff therapist.

Last summer, Qiana Torres Flores saw a LinkedIn job ad from Denver-based Bonanno Concepts, which has 10 restaurants, calling for a wellness director. Reading the job description “blew my mind,” Flores, 35, tells CNBC Make It. She’d heard of residential care counselors in hospitals, or therapists who help corporate executives mediate and learn to communicate, but nothing like this…

Read the rest of the article at: https://www.cnbc.com/2022/04/20/the-newest-perk-for-restaurant-workers-a-therapist-on-staff.html

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