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It’s the Weekend!

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Our community is sending good vibes your way on this holiday weekend – wishing you all a safe and restful holiday!

CHOW June Amuse’

CHOW Community, our FREE Mental Health Course is BACK this June!

We are stoked to announce our dates for JUNE and can’t wait to have you join us for this awesome FREE initiative made for hospitality workers BY hospitality workers.

Session One (June 6,7,8)

How are you, really?

We will take a look at workplace wellness and set some wellness goals.

Session Two (June 13,14,15)

How do we recognize when someone is struggling in the workplace?

By Maintaining Interest in Someone Else (MISE) we support ourselves and others more effectively.

Session Three (June 20,21,22)

There are multiple pathways to substance use recovery; what is yours?

We will shed some light on myths and stigmas around recovery and offer resources.

Session Four (June 27,28,29)

How do we handle conflict and communicate assertively in the workplace?

We will identify healthy communication styles that can make the industry a safer, saner place for all. 

Visit www.chowco.org for meeting info! 

Unite Colorado Resources

Every Kids Sports
 is a national organization available to youth ages 8 to 18 to help families pay for sport registration costs. This organization will provide families $150 three times a year/child. To be eligible the child/family needs to be enrolled in SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, or in foster care. In order to find them in the My Network tab, you might need to expand your search radius to be able to see them as they only have two location pins in our state. The service types that you need to search for to refer a family to them are “Sports & Recreation and Social Enrichment”. 

Lasagna Love is a nonprofit and grassroots movement that aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery. They will connect a community member in need of food with a local volunteer who will cook them a lasagna and deliver it to their homes. The service type that you need to search for to refer a client/family to them is “Prepared Meals”. They are also always looking for volunteer lasagna bakers in our communities. If you or a client might be interested in volunteering, you could use the Unite Colorado Platform to make that referral. Please search for the “Volunteer Opportunities” service type. 

NeedyMeds is a nationwide non-profit that has information on all the pharmaceutical patient assistance programs (PAPs), copay programs, and other types of financial assistance for those experiencing hardship paying for medications and healthcare costs. Their data is free, easy to access, and updated regularly. All access is anonymous. The service type that you need to search for to refer a client to them is “Physical Health”.

Memorial Day Event

Resilient Colorado FREE Trainings

Register for this training at https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMlc-morjMuH9f2yHk-jIN4Ne6jJR7N3yca

A Word from Love Letters to Chefs

All you wanted was to not be ‘that person’ who caused everyone on the team to leave.

And people can tell. They already sense that you are tuned into what they need.

So building trust and a rapport with your team come easily to you. But feeling seen by you means that they turn to you for all the answers. 

And with that comes the self-doubt.

You see, you are a great learner. You watch carefully and learn how to do things (and how not to do things) and build confidence that way.

But now you are constantly being asked to figure out things you have never resolved before. In a fast-paced service where every split-second makes a difference, how can you give someone the right guidance they need in the moment? 

This makes you feel ineffective and doubt your own leadership. You second-guess yourself and every other decision you make.

Suddenly, the ground feels a bit shaky.

Will they see through you? Will this erode the trust and authority that you put a lot of heart into building up?

If this is you, then I see you. What you really need right now is to feel confident in your leadership and less doubtful. To feel grounded every time you have to make a decision and less anxious about its outcome.

Have a great weekend!