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Mental Health Mondays

Happy first Monday of June!

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We are stoked to celebrate love, inclusivity and community this month!

CHOW Wellness in the Park 2022

June Amuse’ Mental Health Course

Session One (June 6,7,8)

How are you, really?

We will take a look at workplace wellness and set some wellness goals.

Session Two (June 13,14,15)

How do we recognize when someone is struggling in the workplace?

By Maintaining Interest in Someone Else (MISE) we support ourselves and others more effectively.

Session Three (June 20,21,22)

There are multiple pathways to substance use recovery; what is yours?

We will shed some light on myths and stigmas around recovery and offer resources.

Session Four (June 27,28,29)

How do we handle conflict and communicate assertively in the workplace?

We will identify healthy communication styles that can make the industry a safer, saner place for all. 

Visit www.chowco.org for meeting info! 

1st Annual
Recovery Wellness Weekend

June 11-12th
Tickets and more info here
To help individuals build and sustain lives in recovery. 

RecoverWE Running & Hiking Group

CAiR Circle Singing

Circle Singing is a community singing and sounding practice, spontaneous and evolving — like a drum circle for voices.

Based on practices developed by Bobby McFerrin and his collaborators, Circle Singing is a supportive, judgment-free space to play with your voice. Leaders create songs in the moment — patterns, percussive sounds, rhythms, harmonies, melodies, recognizable words, or invented language — and teach the parts orally to the rest of the group. The parts layer together into completely original compositions, each song a unique creation, never sung before, never to be sung again. It’s a very organic, playful, community singing experience.

All voices are welcome!

Have a great week!