Mental Health Mondays

Happy Monday, all!

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We have a cool thing we’re trying next month, and we’re stoked to tell you about it!

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July Amuse’ Dates

πŸ“ Session One 

How are you, really?

We will take a look at workplace wellness and set some wellness goals.

πŸ“ Session Two 

How do we recognize when someone is struggling in the workplace?

By Maintaining Interest in Someone Else (MISE) we support ourselves and others more effectively.

πŸ“ Session Three 

There are multiple pathways to substance use recovery; what is yours?

We will shed some light on myths and stigmas around recovery and offer resources.

πŸ“ Session Four

How do we handle conflict and communicate assertively in the workplace?

We will identify healthy communication styles that can make the industry a safer, saner place for all. 

CHOW and Pagoda Lab Denver

Last week we met with our friends Tai and Christian at Pagoda Lab Denver, and we are so stoked about the magic we created on this podcast! Pagoda Lab is a small business incubator and creative space that provides shared work space and resources for small business owners to expand their skill set, customer base, and network.

Their goal is to assist individuals and their businesses in every way possible while creating an ecosystem of like-minded people that can provide support to each other and the surrounding community. Find out more by visiting:

Check out our podcast below:

AFRC 10 Week Recovery Group

Trauma Informed Suicide Prevention