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It’s been quite the week.

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It has been a challenging and loaded week to say the least! Today is July 1st, so we have a brand new newsletter out and we are all about BIPOC Mental Health Month.

According to Mental Health America, 17% of Black people and 23% of Native Americans live with a mental illness and people who identify as belonging to two or more races are most likely to report any mental illness within the past year than any other racial or ethnic group. Research has shown that BIPOC groups are:

  • Less likely to have access to mental health services
  • Less likely to seek out treatment
  • More likely to receive low or poor quality of care
  • More likely to end services early

Some of these barriers can be attributed to factors such as cultural stigma around mental illness, systemic racism and discrimination, language barriers, a lack of health insurance, mistrust of mental health care providers, and a lack of cultural competency on the part of mental health care providers. 
At CHOW, we believe in lifting the existing barriers to care for hospitality professionals, especially those within the BIPOC community.

Join us this month as we showcase relevant resources and support!

July FREE Amuse’ Mental Health Course Dates

CHOW: Let’s Talk About It!

“I looked like a successful chef … well-traveled, featured on TV and in magazines, engaged in community events. Any observer might have seen me and thought that I was living the dream; but the truth was that my life was ruining my life.

It’s not uncommon for folks who work in restaurants to forego their own health and wellness for the sake of creating unbeatable experiences for diners and generating profits for restaurant owners. I was no exception…”

Read the rest of this article about CHOW at: https://www.cobizmag.com/chow-wellness-for-hospitality-lets-talk-about-it/

CHOW X Denver Think Tank

Denver Hospitality Community,

The time is now. 

We have all noticed detrimental changes amongst our staff and our coworkers in the industry which has been progressively worsening with pandemic burdens. We are all aware that there are issues around mental health and substance use. The time has come for listening and action and to address the issues with a tool kit full of resources and a solid community to embrace and support hospitality workers.

CHOW is putting together a think tank and your voice and participation is crucial to its success. We want to hear what you and your staff need, what you’re working on, what resources you‘re already using  – so that we can implement safe and practical strategies to support workers in hospitality. 

Stay tuned for more updates on how to participate in the Denver Think Tank!

Have a wonderful weekend!