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Where did July go?

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It’s the last weekend of July and we are here for some rapid fire announcements from CHOW and other rad community initiatives.

A Word From MHA About BIPOC Mental Health Month

August Amuse’ FREE Mental Health Training

CHOW Community, our FREE Mental Health Course is BACK this August! 

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn awesome skills and gather relevant resources for issues influencing workplace wellness.

πŸ“ Session One 

How are you, really?

We will take a look at workplace wellness and set some wellness goals.

πŸ“ Session Two 

How do we recognize when someone is struggling in the workplace?

By Maintaining Interest in Someone Else (MISE) we support ourselves and others more effectively.

πŸ“ Session Three 

There are multiple pathways to substance use recovery; what is yours?

We will shed some light on myths and stigmas around recovery and offer resources.

πŸ“ Session Four

How do we handle conflict and communicate assertively in the workplace?

We will identify healthy communication styles that can make the industry a safer, saner place for all.Β 

BOCA Recovery Center Resources

Anxiety disorders come in many forms, from general malaise to anxiety that is caused by very specific triggers based on environment, settings, and context. A number of people turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate their distress, but this can lead to substance abuse and exacerbates the initial anxiety disorder.

Treatment involves medical detox to wean off the drug of abuse and psychotherapy to address underlying issues, mental health, and overall well-being.

Read more at: https://bocarecoverycenter.com/addiction/a-guide-to-substance-abuse-anxiety-disorders/

Drug and alcohol abuse can make depression and mental illness worse, and depression can increase the risk factor for addiction. The reverse is also true, in that addiction can raise the odds for depression.

When addiction and depression are present in the same person at the same time, these disorders are said to be comorbid, or co-occurring. Depression and addiction commonly co-occur, and each condition can complicate the other.

Read more at: https://bocarecoverycenter.com/addiction/depression/

Addiction is a chronic condition that affects the brain and body. Several substances can trigger addiction, which is complicated by family history and genetics, mental and behavioral health, environment, and more.

Signs of addiction include escalating use, being unable to stop use, and continuing use despite harm to work, school, family, or friends.

Read more at: https://bocarecoverycenter.com/addiction/

A Big Thank you to the ACF

.. And to all of the people we met at the 2022 Las Vegas ACF Convention! We were so pleased to meet all of you, talk mental health and share tools from our toolkit with you.