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Happy Friday, all!

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We are so excited to announce upcoming fall events for our CHOW community!

Stand Up for Mental Health Concert

Are you going to rock out with us on September 8th to support a good cause? 


CHOW has partnered with Levitt Pavilion on Thursday, September 8th to provide a VIP experience at the Rebirth Brass Band concert! 

At the concert our VIP experience will include:

👀 Front row viewing and early access to the venue

🧺 Individually crafted provisions for a charcuterie and cheese picnic

🥂 Two (2) drink tickets

🍹 Creative craft mocktail from a Denver mixologist

💺 A variety of seating options

🌭 Fancy dogs from Urban Hotdog Collective, including veggie options

Proceeds from the ticket sales will go towards CHOW’s work which provides mental health resources and support to the hospitality industry.

🛑 Presale tickets are $100 and available through August 15! 🛑

You can grab your tickets here.

Come See Us at the Peer Recovery Conference!

Colorado Artists in Recovery in August

Webinar: Helping Adolescents With Anxiety

Jason Krompinger Shares Ways To Talk About Anxiety

Anxiety is something we all have, but too much anxiety has the potential to impact every part of a young person’s life, including their physical health, emotional well-being, and social habits. When a teen is overly anxious, they can feel isolated and misunderstood—and may have a difficult time opening up about their feelings.

Are the symptoms of anxiety the same in kids and teens as they are in adults? How can we talk to adolescents about anxiousness? And is it ever too late to seek help for anxiety?

In this previously recorded session, Dr. Krompinger provides tips to talk with teens about anxiety, explains the differences between types of anxiety, and answers questions about addressing stigma around the most common mental health disorder.

Visit https://home.mcleanhospital.org/webinar-97?utm_campaign=Digital%20Conferences&utm_medium=email&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9_fSYrTPWpH3H2in2FA3Vvi9LkA8_0CdX6W_aAhYPJDOeIn_DahKrvc4v24xQP5a4MT3ls3uEta-dv7qzSQ8oqura4SA&_hsmi=221365426&utm_content=220704573&utm_source=hs_email&hsCtaTracking=2b5ebe02-33dd-49ea-aa88-721c7e5541e8%7Cea00f7ed-c7bd-401c-8089-0993eddc2f33 to register

Have a wonderful weekend!