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Mental Health Mondays

It’s Mental Health Monday!

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And we are ready to share some awesome events and initiatives we are planning for the Fall.

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CHOW Collaborates with Trust20

“I have struggled with my mental health for most of my adult life, without being able to effectively identify it. 

For the majority of my culinary career, the kitchen afforded me a space where I could mask those symptoms, hide from identifying them, and thrive because of them. My High Functioning Anxiety made me an exemplary employee in restaurants and hotels because of how productive I was in high stress situations with meticulous preparation…”

Read the rest of this article at https://www.trust20.co/blog/partner-spotlight-chow

988 Survey

The BHA’s Youth Advisors created a survey to get youth feedback on 988, the mental health crisis line.

We created this survey specifically for Transition Age Youth (ages 16-25), but we welcome answers from people of all ages.

We need your help sharing it with the community! 
– Please share this flyer on social media (organization’s and/or personal)
– Share the flyer with other organizations
– Post the flyer at your organization
– Ask youth to take the survey

– We will also send you the flyer and survey in Spanish

Click here for more information on 988.

Thank you for your support in this! 

Youth are passionate about 988 and mental health in general, and will provide invaluable feedback in this survey.

I hope this creates a genuine and collaborative relationship between the BHA and youth in Colorado; and I believe we’ll see an increase in the way the BHA values and seeks youth input in all programs!

Save the Date for October!

Join CHOW for a Harvest Festival at Sumac Hill Farm on Sunday, October 2 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Pick out the perfect pumpkin, let loose with our icon Fall games (think sack race and ring toss), and taste all of the goodness of the season with pies, honey and so much more.

Proceeds from the Harvest Festival will go directly to CHOW and our work to provide mental health resources and support to the hospitality industry.

The event will feature fun for the entire family and will be a great way to kick off the holiday season with your favorite industry friends.

Join us…you’re welcome here. 


Have a wonderful week!