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Announcing our 2nd Annual Harvest Festival!

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Restaurant Workers Unite


After much patient organizing, we’re thrilled to announce that a democratic, worker-led union for restaurant workers is finally here! The workers of Via 313 in Austin are organizing across the company’s flagship locations, and when they win, they’ll be raising a flag of hope for millions of restaurant workers across America.

Our union is open to all restaurant, bar, and cafe workers – if you’re ready to fight, we’re ready to help you win.

If you’re interested in joining us right away, click here.

If you and your coworkers need help getting organized, click here.

And if you’re ready to lend a hand and support our movement’s organizing expenses, click here.

Together, we can change this industry forever.

In solidarity,

Restaurant Workers United

Denver Food & Wine

Ticket prices for several premiere Denver Food + Wine Festival events go up at midnight tonight (Monday, August 15), so don’t miss out:

  • Dinner Under the Stars: September 7, 6-10 p.m.
    A five-course al fresco dinner from five top Denver chefs, plus a welcoming cocktail and passed appetizers from a world-renowned cocktail bar!
  • The Shake + Brake Showdown: September 8, 7-10 p.m.
    An outdoor cocktail competition with food from six of the Mile High City’s best food trucks! Use promo code FOCRF22 through September 7 to save an additional 10 percent. 
  • The Grand Tasting (details below): September 10, noon-4 p.m.
    Use promo code FOCRF22 through September 7 to save an additional 10 percent. 

Ticket packages are also available for multiple events.

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