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Happy Friday!

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We have had an excellent week of community and we are so excited to have seen you all!

We want to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us for our Stand Up for Mental Health Fundraising concert last night.

Thank you to our event sponsor Kaiser Permanente, the Colorado Restaurant Association Mile High Chapter, and Connect for Health Colorado. Your generous contributions allow for us to support wellness in the hospitality industry and help improve lives in our community! 

Another huge thank you to our hosting location, Levitt Pavillion for their incredible support of our cause, and honestly? A special shoutout to Rebirth Brass Band, for being the perfect soundtrack for a night of fun and community.

We so enjoyed spending a beautiful Colorado evening with you, sharing amazing drinks and food (can we humble brag on our amazing partners Awake Denver and Hotdog Collective real quick? Because WOW. You make our events so special!) and supporting hospitality professionals. Thank you to our Planning Superhero, Lara Smedley for helping us make magic! 

Stay tuned for amazing upcoming CHOW events (Harvest Festival, I’m looking at you!). We hope you’ll continue to support, encourage, and show up with us as our movement grows.

CAiR in September

Join us for open studio time at The Art Gym in Denver.  We come together once per month to work on whatever artistic project you would enjoy.

Open studio is a space where you can work on a project you have been working on, or start something new!

Bring your own art supplies, or we will also have some basic supplies for you to use for free.

Come get creative with us, and connect with other sober creatives

Register at: https://www.coloradoartistsinrecovery.org/open-studio

Foundation for Opioid Response

Webinar: Lessons Learned in Community-Based Recovery Settings During the COVID-19 Pandemic (9/15/2022)
As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began, FORE began tracking disruptions in the care for people with opioid use disorder (OUD), as well as those in active recovery, and identifying steps that could be taken to maintain access to OUD treatment and services. Ensuring access to recovery services, which provide social connections and other supports to help people rebuild their lives, is also critical. The suspension of in-person meetings and other recovery services, as well as the economic hardships of the pandemic, have exacted tolls on those in active recovery from OUD and other substance use disorders.To address this challenge, FORE issued a national request for proposals from organizations working to provide safe and meaningful recovery support services during the pandemic. The experiences and outcomes of these projects have helped to identify what’s been most effective in the treatment of and recovery from OUD and why, generating insights for community-based organizations, providers, policymakers, and payers.Please join us on Thursday, September 15 at 3pm EST as we welcome…  Savak Millis, LPC-MHSP, Director of Programs
Grantee: Renewal House
Project: Telehealth Treatment and Recovery ProjectCasey Carringer, MBA, Director of Clinical Engagement
Grantee: Ballad Health
Project: PEERhelp Warmline, Virtual Recovery Meetings, and Certified Peer Recovery Specialist TrainingHansel Tookes, MD, MPH, Associate Professor
Grantee: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine / IDEA Exchange
Project: Rapid Implementation of Peer Navigator–Led Telemedicine for Medications for Opioid Use Disorder in Response to COVID-19Jessica Cance, MPH, PhD, Senior Research Public Health Analyst
Grantee: RTI International
Project: Evaluation of FORE’s COVID-19 National Emergency Effort… as they present and react to findings from their FORE-funded projects and provide some recommendations for the field. The webinar will run until 4:30pm to allow for an extended discussion and Q&A session following the presentation. Register for the Webinar Here

Mobilize Recovery

Have a great weekend!