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Happy Holiday Weekend, CHOW Community!

Written by: jasparkspapa

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With only a couple of days to spare before Christmas Day, we want you to know that CHOW has got you covered. We are here for holiday support and holiday specific resources to help you thrive this festive season.

Thank you for all of the support that you extend to our community by sharing our message, coming to our meetings, and consistently helping our movement grow. We appreciate you and we’re glad that you are here.

From our team to yours, Happy Holidays!

Stay Safe!

8 Mental Health Tips for Anyone Managing Restaurant Staff

Restaurants are known as high-stress, high-pressure environments. The hours can be long and the work strenuous. As a result, the industry has some of the highest rates of mental illness in any field. And while the pandemic has undeniably added to the challenge, this is far from a new problem the industry faces.

Read more at: https://backofhouse.io/stories/8-mental-health-tips-for-anyone-managing-restaurant-staff to hear our Executive Director, Erin Boyle, talk about our Workplace Wellness Toolkit!

Start off January with a Burst of Self Care!