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Friday is here!

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Join us as we celebrate the end of a work week, mental health, wellness and recovery today.

March Amuse’ Course

March Amuse Mental Health Training

Denver Meet & Greet Happy Hour

Denver Happy Hour With CHOW

CAiR Art Show

Friday, April 7th 

5pm to 8pm 


Chrysalis Continuing Care

3254 Larimer St.


These events are our way to paint recovery in a whole new light. Having the ability to show friends, family members, and leaders in our community our creations helps rebuild personal relationships, gives our participants a feeling of personal pride in their recovery, as well as show the greater community the value in supporting recovery efforts. This all contributes to changing the stigma around recovery. We recover out loud. 

Up to 15 artists in recovery will be showing their art. Coffee and snacks are provided.

Decolonizing Mental Health

This offering is for BIPOC community members, and is centered around storytelling and writing. No previous writing experience is necessary! We will be approaching writing and storytelling from a perspective of community building and making personal meaning, rather than as an intellectual endeavor. Do bring curiosity about your ancestors and your own story.

Visit https://www.inclusivetherapists.com/events/decolonizing-mental-health-reclaiming-our-stories-bipoc-writing-storytelling-workshop?mc_cid=9713c4905d&mc_eid=379f7ea6d4 to find out more!