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March CHOW Corner

Written by: jasparkspapa

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Eating Well for Me

2023 started with a lot of noise about resolutions and “new year, new me.”  I’ve never been one for resolutions, really I have never been one for new year’s celebrations.  For most of my life it was a night for some people to party and for me to try to cash in on time and a half or big tips.

So rather than ask, “what’s your resolution?”  I’d like to hear what does eating well look like to you?  

In my 20s eating well was either splurging on a fancy dinner or simply remembering to eat something during the workday.  In my 30s I was (finally) diagnosed with a series of gut issues.  Until the diagnosis and therapies for my issues, eating well often meant bland tasteless food that wouldn’t cause problems internally.  This is also when I lost my ability to enjoy spicy food.  (I really miss this).  I’m now in my 40s and trying to take better care of myself to keep all my systems working well together.  For me this means limiting alcohol consumption, no caffeine, no spicy foods, and getting plenty of fruits and vegetables.  I am by no means a health nut.  I love pastries.  Cookies won’t last more than a few hours near me.  And cheese is often the answer to, “what’s this missing?”  

Eating well looks different for everyone.  I’m not focused on “healthy” foods.  I look at what fuels me well now to be my best self later.  Meal Prep is one of the services I provide myself to make sure that I eat well.  When I think about eating well I’m asking myself, “how will what I do now help my future self?”  What this looks like in practice for me is meal prepping.  Like you, I have a busy schedule and if I don’t have a plan, I will eat foods that don’t make me feel good.  Or that make me feel good for a few minutes, then feel bad later.  For instance, in a hurry, I might grab a sandwich loaded with meat and cheese.  It tastes great.  But a half hour later all I want is a nap.  This isn’t going to make my day easier.  

Lately my go to has been some combination of beans, quinoa, veggies, and cheese.  Here’s this weeks loose recipe

1 can cannellini bean, drained

1 cup cooked quinoa  (or rice or pasta)

1 zucchini, large dice

Pickled onions to taste

Cheese that’s on hand

Olives (optional), sliced

Radishes, sliced

Dried herbs – tarragon and thyme

Olive oil


Mix everything together and divide into 4-6 containers.  

I buy whatever veggie is on sale and sub that in each week.  It make look more like a Greek salad with olives, feta, cucumbers, etc.. or it may lean more Mexican with corn, black beans and some salsa.  This meal is very affordable, very quick, and leaves me with enough energy for my day.  

What are your go to recipes?  What food makes you feel good long term?  Is anyone else meal prepping?