Mental Health Mondays

It’s Mental Health Monday, all!

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It’s Spring and it’s officially CHOW social event season. Stay up to date on our calendar of events and join us for these awesome upcoming opportunities to stay invested in your mental health, wellness and recovery!

CHOW Meeting Update

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When Managers Try To Be Therapists…

… Mental Health Suffers!

Layoffs, return-to-office battles and concerns over artificial intelligence replacing jobs have elevated employee stress levels, exposing a troubling workplace deficiency: Very few managers know how to deal appropriately with workers’ mental-health concerns.

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Going Hungry in the Kitchen

For the three years I worked as a pastry chef, my life revolved around food. I spent my days baking sheets of brownies, hundreds of chocolate-chip cookies, and loaves of banana bread. I was constantly surrounded by food — and I was hardly eating anything at all…

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