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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and we are here to support you with your wellness, recovery and mental health. Join us as we explore the low barrier to entry initiatives happening this month!

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CAiR in May

Here4TheKids: A Denver Initiative

On Monday, June 5, 2023, over 25,000 white women will show up on the lawn at the capitol in Denver to demand that Governor Jared Polis sign an Executive Order to ban guns and buy them back. And they are not leaving until our demands are met.

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How the ‘Spoon Theory’ Helps Explain Life With a Chronic Illness

More than half of all US adults have a chronic disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While symptoms vary by condition, common symptoms of chronic illnesses include fatigue, pain and disturbed sleep. These symptoms might make it harder or more tiring to complete certain tasks, like getting dressed or making breakfast — but for those who don’t have a chronic condition, it can be hard to understand what it’s like.

Enter the spoon theory, which explains how a chronic illness can have an impact on someone’s mental and physical energy levels and, in turn, their ability to complete activities. The spoon theory is one of the most widely accepted analogies that helps describe what it’s like having a chronic illness. Here’s what to know.

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