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Happy August, All!

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This August, CHOW is actively practicing living slow and resting. 

Our organization prides itself on trying out the advice we give to businesses, so for this August we will be using only the time necessary to keep CHOW thriving, while taking the month to rest, regroup and focus on individual projects. From our CHOW CEO, Erin Boyle, to our ExPOS and volunteers, we will all be taking an intentional pause to reset and prepare for our awesome events coming in September and for the end of 2023.

We encourage you to remember that you deserve rest and times of creative recharge. 

Want to try this in YOUR organization? 

Email and we’ll walk you through the fine print.

Support CHOW and Osaka Ramen

The Recovery Friendly Workplace:
Total Worker Health® Approach

  August 31, 2023        

  11:00am–12:00pm MT        


A Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) is an organization that is willing to work intentionally with people in recovery. RFWs unite the entire organization by encouraging a healthy, safe, and productive work environment where employers, employees, and communities can thrive and eliminate barriers for those impacted by addiction.

Join Health Links®, along with local and national experts, for an important discussion on creating positive change for individuals affected by addiction.

Register at:

CHOW in the Park – Join us!

RecoverWE Event

CAiR Art Show – Friday, August 4th

We would love to see you at our “First Friday Art Show” on Aug. 4th! This event celebrates the beautiful creative work of our artists. 

These events are our way to paint recovery in a whole new light. Having the ability to show friends, family members, and leaders in our community our creations helps rebuild personal relationships, gives our participants a feeling of personal pride in their recovery, as well as show the greater community the value in supporting recovery efforts. This all contributes to changing the stigma around recovery. We recover out loud. 

Up to 15 artists in recovery will be showing their art. Coffee and snacks are provided.

See you there!

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