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Mental Health Monday, all!

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We are focused toward September and our upcoming event, and we can’t wait to have you join us!

CHOW In The Park 2023

Join us for an event to celebrate and create community around the food/beverage/hospitality industry.

This free event will feature health and wellness activities, substance use recovery and mental health tools, and of course some fun!

CHOW IN THE PARK will feature various opportunities to invest in your wellness: industry specific workouts, mobility exercises, massages, outdoor activities, educational panels, food, drinks and more! .

There are so many ways to be involved in this event!

Want to find out how you can support?

Shoot us an email, and let’s talk partnership!

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Help Support the Osaka Ramen Fundraiser!

Join our friends at Dazzle Denver!

 August 23 at 7pm – Wednesday with Wes, Vic and Will.

This is an alcohol-free event sponsored in part by Dhos Spirits. A non-alcoholic cocktail menu will be offered for the event.

The trio of Wes Hamil, Victoria Hamil and Wil Snyder perform Jazz inflected Americana music. The music is relaxed, spiritually rejuvenating and affirming. A typical performance includes unique storytelling that complements the original and cover material being performed and an easy to relate to style of expression that has touched the hearts and ears of listeners from Wales to New Zealand, from Capetown, South Africa to venues across the US.

Songwriter, guitarist and singer Wes has co-written several songs with Oscar and Grammy-winning songwriter Paul Williams. Additionally, he has multiple compositions that will be released in the coming month by Sony on the All Star Memphis band the “Memphis Royal Brothers” which features members of Al Green’s band, among other legendary players.

Victoria Hamil has recorded her unique harmonica for several films and television shows and has worked with the Hans Zimmer Orchestra, Robert Altman and recorded with Johnny Cash.

Keyboardist Wil Snyder performs in Eminence Ensemble when not with the trio and has a deep background in jazz and composition. He is a gifted music educator and also performs with the Denver Jazz Orchestra.

Wes Hamil – Vocals & Guitar

Wil Snyder – Piano

Victoria Hamil – Harmonica and Vocals