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Friday Funday vibes!

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Our Fall events are booming, CHOW Community!

Come join us for loads of in person events happening around you soon.

Industry Sundays at Larimer Beer Hall

Come Join Us at CHOW In The Park

Join us for an event to celebrate and create community around the food/beverage/hospitality industry.

This free event will feature health and wellness activities, substance use recovery and mental health tools, and of course some fun!

CHOW IN THE PARK will feature various opportunities to invest in your wellness: industry specific workouts, mobility exercises, massages, outdoor activities, educational panels, food, drinks and more! .

Our intention is to bring industry leaders, restaurant ambassadors and community members together to connect and support one another.

Come join us:


CHOW In The Park Happy Hour

CAiR in September

Creativity, Healing, Authenticity, & Real Magic


You are invited on a 6-week adventure to recover, reclaim, and restore your creative Self.

Amanda Gold will be your companion and guide, as you and your fellow explorers work with art and 

self-discovery tools that you can use the rest of your life to unlock your innate creativity and self-expression.
Creativity and self-expression are your birthright and heritage, and to participate in this class you do NOT 

need to identify as an artist, creative or claim any talent or experience. This class is for you, ESPECIALLY 

if you believe you’re not creative. Just be ready to have that notion flipped upside down ;).

If you are coming to this class with artistic experience and ability, great! You can continue to
explore the depths of your creative spirit and potential. The discoveries are endless…..

In this workshop you will work individually and alongside others, engaging in artistic, mindfulness, 

movement, and written practices, to:

  • Uncover some of the lies, misunderstandings and limiting beliefs that have kept you blocked,stuck or feeling like you can’t make art.
  • Learn how to move past those lies and limitations
  • Learn how to cultivate a relationship with your wise Inner Self, to access your creativity and your  right to express it.
  • Learn how to create an identity that supports you in art-making and creative self-expression
  • Learn how to use artistic practice to identify, name, and work with all your emotions
  • Learn how to use art and creativity to get to know yourself better and find guidance through hard times and so much more!

Visit: https://www.coloradoartistsinrecovery.org/charm-school-art-workshop

Join us for March Into the Light with We Face It Together

As those who struggle with addiction walk from darkness into the light of recovery, we’ll walk into the sunrise as a powerful reminder that none of us are alone on our journeys.
Register for our free in Sioux Falls, SD and Colorado Springs, CO. We can’t wait to see you there! Interested in sponsorship? Please complete our form here.