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Wrapping Up November

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With gratitude and support!

Join us in December as we feature free and low barrier to entry opportunities to invest in your wellness, mental health and recovery. We are grateful for you and your support!

Holiday Budget Class with Jessica Dean

This finance class is specifically designed for food service folks to help them effectively manage their higher holiday incomes.

Participants will learn essential budgeting and savings skills, enabling them to make the most of the festive season’s earnings.

By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to plan and save wisely, helping their financial wellbeing beyond the holiday season.

Join us on Zoom or in person at Ace Eat Serve!

This class is hosted by Jessica Dean strategist.

About Jess:
I found Wealthwave, in the form of an old co-worker who started part time in finance to make some extra money, when I was a broke and struggling to save Sous Chef. All I wanted was to one day open my own private chef business. I found the financial help I deserved and became a client first.Then I saw much more potential to help the people just like me who had always struggled and deserved guidance as well. This is my passion now to help those who live on tips, maybe makeminimum or a low wage, and are navigating things like COVID that struck this industry the most, because I understand what it’s like to live and breath the food service industry. My goal is to make financial independence more accessible to those who need it and deserve to have it by giving them guidance, resources, and a comforting hand to hold along the way.

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Join Us for Holiday Wreath Making

Create Kitchen & Bar will be hosting CHOW for a wreath making event on Dec 3rd at 3PM.
$50 gets you a handmade wreath, instruction, and an afternoon of zen that will last a year! 

Kalyn, our instructor, is an urban homesteader and a founder of Sideyard Sprouts. She and her husband have spent the last five years transforming their backyard into a thriving garden complete with vegetable and flower gardens. A backyard flock of hens, ducks and two beehives round out their quarter-acre homestead.

The prolific nature of their yard and excess goods spurred the idea of starting a weekly Farm Cart to help bring their harvests to the community. In 2021, the farm cart became a reality and SideYard Sprouts was officially born.

Today, the cart brings plant starts, home grown produce, flower bouquets, eggs, honey, and other seasonal goodies directly to their neighborhood. Each year, holiday wreaths are a feature of the Farm Cart using dried flowers and foliage from their yard. Kalyn holds yearly wreath-making classes and enjoys sharing her passion with others.

She takes pride in teaching a new skill that can be utilized for years to come.

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Zenver Yoga Class

Join Maggie Maxwell at Zenver for a Yoga in Recovery for Women class!

Become a CHOW Ambassador!

Ambassador for CHOW Job Description (Volunteer position) 

CHOW is seeking compassionate ambassadors to help our community. In this role, you will be required to attend CHOW group meetings and continue your education (provided by CHOW) around substance use and mental health. This position also requires the knowledge of local and national restaurant community members. 

Ours is a unique community of hospitality professionals.  A year of work in the food/beverage/hospitality field is required. To ensure success as a CHOW ambassador, you should be empathetic and possess exceptional interpersonal communication skills. An ideal candidate is well enmeshed in the hospitality industry in their area.  We are seeking the culture leaders of the industry.

CHOW Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Attending occasional CHOW meetings, virtual or in-person, at least 4 to get started.
  • Assisting in Break Rooms at events 
  • Documenting activities and filling out forms of their findings

CHOW Ambassador Requirements:

  • At least one year in the hospitality industry.
  • Open minded and willing to accept all pathways to recovery.
  • Knowledge of local and regional industry folks (bonus for national folks).
  • Lived experience with mental health conditions, substance abuse, or trauma.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Interpersonal skills are very important, as you must be able to build rapport with strangers and listen carefully to their perspectives and needs. 
  • Cultural sensitivity is also required.
  • Ability to get folks interested and “on board” with CHOW’s mission.
  • Willingness to act as an advocate for the population they serve.
  • Not necessary, but nice: Ability to negotiate stairs, move equipment and supplies up to 30 lb. Must possess their own transportation, have a good driving record, a valid driver’s license, and proof of insurance.

Description of tasks

  • Attend CHOW meetings to understand what CHOW is doing and what a meeting looks like.  This way the person can share their first hand experience with community members.
  • Attend CHOW’s Mental Health Amuse Course to learn the basics of mental health, substance use disorder, active listening and conflict resolution.
  • Learn about resources offered to the food/bev/ hospitality community.
  • Utilize resources to role model how they work and end the stigma against asking for help.
  • Attend food, wine, beverage, events and conferences as a CHOW ambassador and help with the Break room.
    • (CHOW’s Break Rooms will be lounge/rest areas for vendors to relax, have snacks and drinks, and talk to each other. And tell CHOW, what’s working, what help do they need, and get connected with resources, if desired.