As January wraps up…

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… We have a few opportunities to close out the first month of the year with awesome social and educational events happening near you!

Join our FoCO Happy Hour!

Table Talk: Reimagining a Year of Firsts

Join us for a virtual session filled with compassion and guidance as we navigate the first year of grief. Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming and challenging experience, and this session aims to provide support, insight, and hope. While all are welcome, this is a dedicated container to center BIPOC voices. 

Hear and learn from Drs. Chinasa Elue and Julie Shaw as they address the unpredictable nature of grief, focusing on the unexpected moments that can catch us off guard and the profound impact they have on our healing process. What are the ways in which we set intentions and acknowledge deathaversaries and other kinds of “firsts”? We will also celebrate the joyous moments that may arise in the midst of our sorrow and how we are able to navigate living in the dualities of both joy and grief. 

As we delve into the discussion, our experienced facilitators will offer practical strategies and emotional tools to help you prepare for the “firsts” that await you in the first year of grieving. Whether it’s the first birthday without your loved one, the first holiday season, or the first anniversary of their passing, we’ll explore how to honor these moments with grace and understanding.

Together, we will create a supportive interactive space where you can share your thoughts, fears, and hopes with others who are on a similar journey. We can reimagine how to navigate the turbulent waters of grief, finding solace in the unexpected, cherishing the joyous, and preparing for the inevitable “firsts” that lie ahead on your unique grief journey.

To find out more: https://letsreimagine.org/76768/table-talk-reimagining-a-year-of-firsts?utm_source=Subscribers&utm_campaign=83cf6be172-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2023_09_13_06_01_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_-61fe5fbafd-%5BLIST_EMAIL_ID%5D