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January is wrapping up but we are on a roll with incredible initiatives happening near you!

February Amuse’


join us for our Amuse’ Mental Health Course this February! 

This course offers tangible evidenced based skills that everyone can use Fftg themselves or to support a coworker/friend. 

After the course, attendees will be able to:

* Identify causes and conditions which support substance misuse and compromised mental health in the hospitality industry

* Identify vocationally specific supports of hospitality workers, even in rural communities

* Recognize multiple pathways to recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders

These four hours of training are meant to shine light on some of the most pressing issues affecting workplace wellness.

Created for the hospitality industry BY industry peers, this course offers an overview of mental health, wellness and substance use recovery, complemented by resources, applicable skills, and thought provoking conversations. 

*Your 15$ placeholder fee will be returned upon course completion unless you choose to donate your placeholder to CHOW.

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Discounted Sessions with Saga Counseling

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ED Talks by EatDenver

Picture this: a room crackling with energy, packed with 200+ of the Denver region’s leading independent food and beverage professionals. Not just owners and operators, but the fuel behind the locally and nationally recognized concepts: chefs, managers, and the hospitality heroes who bring culinary dreams to life. And in the spotlight, six industry leaders share their secrets to success, ignite inspiration, and fuel the regional food scene’s evolution.

That’s ED Talks, returning Wednesday, March 13th to MSU’s Tivoli Turnhalle!

8:45-9:30 AM: Check-In

9:00-9:45 AM: Breakfast and Coffee Hour

9:45-11:30 AM: Seated ED Talks Program (including 15 minutes for intermission)


Food and Beverage:

Find out more at: