Mental Health Mondays

Happy February, CHOW Community!

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Join us this month as we celebrate Black History Month! We’ll be learning, listening and sharing with you all resources and information with a lens of mental health, wellness and recovery in our community.

February Amuse’ Mental Health Course

You’re still in time to join us for our Amuse’ Mental Health Course this February! 

This course offers tangible evidenced based skills that everyone can use for themselves or to support a coworker/friend. 

After the course, attendees will be able to:

* Identify causes and conditions which support substance misuse and compromised mental health in the hospitality industry

* Identify vocationally specific supports of hospitality workers, even in rural communities

* Recognize multiple pathways to recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders

These four hours of training are meant to shine light on some of the most pressing issues affecting workplace wellness.

Created for the hospitality industry BY industry peers, this course offers an overview of mental health, wellness and substance use recovery, complemented by resources, applicable skills, and thought provoking conversations. 

*Your 15$ placeholder fee will be returned upon course completion unless you choose to donate your placeholder to CHOW.

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From Redefining Strength:

Since our launch, No More Martyrs has encouraged Black women to define strength in health ways. We’ve shared stories about how Black women are damaging our mental health by trying to fit unrealistic ideas of being a “strong Black woman”.

No More!!

Now is the time for us to unapologetically define ourselves for ourselves!

Let’s start by redefining strength.

Support our CHOW Petition

Please sign this petition to help us advocate for better representation of mental health support in media related to our industry:

Bebe Moore Campbell

Bebe Moore Campbell was an American author, journalist, teacher, and mental health advocate who worked tirelessly to shed light on the mental health needs of the Black community and other underrepresented communities. She founded NAMI-Inglewood in a predominantly Black neighborhood to create a space that was safe for Black people to talk about mental health concerns. Throughout her time as an advocate, Campbell made her way to DC. On June 2, 2008, Congress formally recognized Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month to bring awareness to the unique struggles that underrepresented groups face regarding mental illness in the US.

In 2005, inspired by Campbell’s charge to end stigma and provide mental health information, her longtime friend, Linda Wharton-Boyd, suggested dedicating a month to the effort. In November 2006, Campbell lost her battle to cancer. Wharton-Boyd, friends, family and allied advocates reignited their cause, inspired by the passion of an extraordinary woman.

DudeCon 2024 with Adam Lamb

🔥 Welcome to DudeCon 2024 Ignite Your True Masculinity! 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to rediscover and reclaim your authentic masculinity? Look no further – DudeCon is here to empower you, inspire you, and redefine what it means to be a man in the 21st century!

🚀 Why DudeCon? 

In a world that constantly challenges our understanding of masculinity, DudeCon stands out as the ultimate virtual event crafted exclusively for men like you – those seeking to embrace a healthier, more genuine version of themselves.

👊 Reclaim Your Power 

Join us as we delve into empowering workshops and discussions designed to help you reclaim your power – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Discover the tools to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.

🌱 Nourish Your Mind and Body 

Explore the secrets of holistic well-being with expert-led sessions on nutrition, fitness, and mental health. Learn how to fuel your body and mind, allowing you to reach your full potential in every aspect of your life.

🗣️ Engage in Meaningful Conversations 

Connect with like-minded men from around the world in our interactive forums. Discuss topics ranging from relationships and personal growth to career success and emotional intelligence. Forge lasting connections with a community that understands and supports your journey.

🎤 Inspiring Speakers and Thought Leaders 

DudeCon brings you an unparalleled lineup of speakers and thought leaders who have mastered the art of authentic masculinity. Gain insights from their personal experiences, successes, and challenges as they guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself. 

Fri Feb 92024 9:00 AM – Sat Feb 102024 6:00 PM EST

Intro to Trauma Informed Caring x Resilient Colorado

You are experts at taking care of others; who is taking care of you?

Please join us for Resilience in Service, a three-week series designed to support personal and professional well-being for those who work in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Grounded in the neurobiology of stress and the science of resilience, this practical and engaging training draws from best practices, ancient wisdom, and emerging innovation.

February 26, 2024
1:00 – 3:00 PM Mountain Time
Please register in advance