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CHOW Wednesday Men’s Meeting

Every Wednesday of Each Month at 6p MST/7p CST/8p EST

This meeting is hosted Virtually from Denver, CO. All are welcome, no matter where you live or work.

Meeting ID: 825 5804 3685
Passcode: mens


Chris Ray(he/him/his)

I have been in the service industry as BOH and FOH for over three decades, from local pizza joints to fine dining. Joining CHOW for me was a natural move because I have experienced the ebbs and flows of hospitality and the effect they have had on my mental and physical health. Facing the hard truth that I needed to address my struggles with drugs and alcohol has been the most challenging and rewarding adventures I have taken on. With almost five years in active recovery, I am so grateful and love to share my experience,strength, and hope.


JJ Egloff (he/him)

My name is JJ Egloff and I spent my entire 20’s and the first few years of my 30’s studying hospitality management and climbing the corporate hospitality ladder. I joined CHOW after my 10+ year management career because of what I found within the rungs of the organizational ladders I was climbing. Burnout, mental health concerns, physical health concerns, and struggling relationships were a few common findings. Instead of continuing a path that was leading me personally to life I did not want, I decided to dedicate my time to helping people find healthier paths within a tough industry where I believe passion and creativity can thrive.


May 29 2024


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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