q Monday Night Zoom With CHOW Aug 2nd With Thomas Ciapi - Culinary Hospitality Outreach and Wellness

Monday Night Zoom With CHOW Aug 2nd With Thomas Ciapi

CHOW Monday Night with Thomas Ciapi

Mondays at 6 MST/7 CST/8 EST. This meeting is hosted from Denver, CO. All are welcome, no matter where you live or work.

Zoom Code: 816 2235 9036 Pass code Outreach


Aug 02 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Erin Boyle
Erin Boyle


  • Thomas Ciapi
    Thomas Ciapi
    Executive Chef, Culinary Administrator and Educator

    My name is Thomas G. Ciapi. I’m married for 5 years to my second wife, have a beautiful almost to be 23-year-old daughter named Danielle. I have 5 step children ranging from 23 to 32. I’m a Certified Executive Chef, Certified Culinary Educator, and Certified Culinary Administrator. I’ve been in the industry for 42 years, graduated from Apprenticeship and taught Apprenticeship for 10 years. I enjoy reading, yard work, whatever I can with my family and Church. I’m originally from New York, Texas Acclimated since 1979. I’ve written several books on the Hospitality Industry and am looking forward to meeting all of you. I reside in Katy, Texas with my wife Virginia and three dogs.

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