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CHOW Mental Health Amuse’ Course

This May, CHOW is recognizing National Mental Health Awareness month by offering a unique Mental Health Amuse’ Course. These six hours of training is free for industry professionals and is meant to shine light on some of the most pressing issues affecting workplace wellness.

Week One: Wellness and Work, Defined We introduce a measurable perspective on wellness capital, healthy boundaries, and set some S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Week Two: Mental Health at Work  You’ve heard of HACCP plans… we will write personalized MHSSP (Mental Health Self-Service Plans) and take a look at anxiety, depression, PTSD/C-PTSD, disordered eating, and work addiction. 

Week Three: Recovery: Myths and Stigma We’ll look at the stages of change, describe some of the many alternatives and common approaches to personal and family recovery.

Week Four: Topic: On Being Supportive We will discuss and practice listening actively, asking good questions, and assessing our own styles of communication and conflict.

These 90 minute sessions are held Monday, Tuesday, or Friday at 9am MST and Thursday or Sunday at 3pm MST. This allows individuals to drop in as their shifting schedules allow. If they attend one session per week, they will receive a certificate of completion at the end of May which can earn them reward points on the CHOW website.

Individuals can register for the morning sessions here:

and afternoon sessions here:

Why Get involved?

Come to a CHOW meeting if you’re feeling something you can’t share with coworkers, friends or family.  Come to a CHOW meeting to meet with your restaurant family and talk about what is working and what isn’t working in your life. Come to a CHOW meeting if you’re feeling lonely.

We all have a state of mental health, whether it’s good or bad, let’s talk about it.

Research shows that Group Discussions have a transformative effect on both individuals and systems. They: 

  • Improve quality of life.
  • Improve whole health.  
  • Empower people to make the best decisions.
  • Help them strive towards their goals.

Get involved to Earn Prizes!

CHOW wants to support you becoming your best you.  We are going to reward your good efforts.  You read right.  You get prizes for taking care of yourself.  Go on a walk, go to a CHOW meeting, or start therapy, they’re all worth points.  You are in charge of reporting through our website and once a month, CHOW will tally the points and send out prizes.  It’s that easy.  Do something good for yourself, tell us, and we send you prizes

When you sign up, we will add you to our mailing list.  CHOW sends a monthly newsletter with our speakers and special events.  You can opt out of the newsletter, but we’d love to keep you in the loop.  The information you share is for our newsletter, mailing prizes, and helping us know how our community takes care of themselves.  We will never share your personal information with anyone.  See our privacy information

Click HERE for full details and to learn how to earn!

How to volunteer

Your time is valuable and you want to put it to good use. Why not invest it in the important work of making sure our community focuses on their mental health? It’s easy, fun, and so important in our ability to get the word out.  Contact us to find out about volunteer opportunities.


Game Night Host:  If you love games and want to host a game night of any kind, CHOW is looking for folks to host virtual game nights.  Cards, trivia, escape room….whatever you can dream, we’d love to play.

Speakers and Writers: “One day you’ll tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will become someone else’s survival guide.” – Brene Brown

We will share your speech or story with our community on our facebook page and website.  There’s a saying, “there’s a lid for every pot.” Your story may be the one that reaches someone who needs to feel that community connection and gives them the strength to move on.

Speaker Seeker: Help CHOW find speakers.  We need four speakers a month and we would love your help finding the right people to share their stories.  If you love connecting with people, please help CHOW by applying to be our Speaker Seeker.

Speaker Introducer: Host our speaker meetings by getting to know about our speaker and giving their introduction.

Contact us for more info!

How to Become
a Sponsor

Is your business or organization looking for a way to invest in our hospitality community? With sponsorship opportunities ranging from $1,000 to $30,000, there is an opportunity for everyone’s budget to make an impact. 

For more information, please contact Executive Director, Erin Boyle.

Below are some examples of how CHOW will utilize your generous contribution:

Wellness Opportunities

General Sponsorship $1,000-30,000 |   CHOW is a young nonprofit organization and it relies entirely on grants and donations.  A general sponsorship donation will help us with all bills as they arrive.  Everything from paying for our Zoom platform to paying our discussion coaches.  This style of donation allows our Council to utilize the funds in the manner that will best serve the organization.

Program Sponsorship, $30,000   |   Help us spread CHOW to other cities.  This donation would allow us to find and hire industry professionals to host meetings, provide funds for clinical care, spread printed material, and all aspects related to creating a CHOW chapter.

Incentivizing Wellness, $1,000-10,000  |   We believe that good mental health behavior should be encouraged and rewarded.  Our members can track their discussions, therapy, fitness, etc…and be rewarded when they reach milestones.  This donation will allow us to provide healthy rewards for the effort each person makes towards improvement.

Outreach Opportunities

Newsletter, $10,000  |   Help us fund and create a printed newsletter.  Getting our newsletter printed and mailed is an excellent way to ensure the inclusion of the multitude of restaurants, hotels, and distributors. Sponsorship of the newsletter tells readers you are committed to advocating for better mental health in the restaurant industry.

Monthly E-mail Newsletter, $2,500  |  We send out our newsletter each month to our community. The e-newsletter is full of information about all of the ways readers can get involved with meetings and classes, help themselves, get care, or volunteer.

Direct Clinical Care Services Opportunities

Clinical Services $1,000 – $10,000  |  Your donation will provide clinical care for members of CHOW.  Our industry usually doesn’t provide health care benefits and your contribution would allow us to provide therapy at no cost to the individual.


To keep our meetings and discussion groups free and accessible to all, we rely on grants and individual donations. Please give whatever you can and support mental wellness in the hospitality industry.

Start a Meeting

If you would like to start a meeting in your area, please contact us and we will help you create a group.  We will provide a welcome package including how to structure a meeting, ideas for fundraising, educational and branding material.

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