Rewards for activities

Let’s talk about Prizes!

CHOW wants to support you becoming your best you.  We are going to reward your good efforts.  You read right.  You get prizes for taking care of yourself.  Go on a walk, go to a CHOW meeting, or start therapy, they’re all worth points.  You are in charge of reporting through our website and once a month, CHOW will tally the points and send out prizes.  It’s that easy.  Do something good for yourself, tell us, and we send you prizes

When you sign up, we will add you to our mailing list.  CHOW sends a monthly newsletter with our speakers and special events.  The information you share is for our newsletter, mailing prizes, and helping us know how our community takes care of themselves.  We will never share your personal information with anyone.  See our privacy policy. You can opt out of the newsletter, but we’d love to keep you in the loop.


  • Logging in (CHOW website)1 point
  • Watching a video (CHOW website) = 5 points
  • Viewing the resources page (CHOW website) = 5 points
  • Taking an anxiety or depression quiz (CHOW website) = 20 points
  • Call or hang out with a good friend = 5 points
  • Writing in a journal = 10 points
  • Taking a walk = 10 points
  • Stretch = 10 points
  • Going to a fitness class or gym = 10 points
  • Meditation = 10 points
  • Play or listen to music = 10 points
  • Volunteer with CHOW = 50 points
  • Volunteer in your community = 50 points
  • Going to therapy = 50 points
  • Going to a 12-step program = 50 points
  • Going to a CHOW meeting = 50 points
  • First CHOW meeting = 100 points
  • Making an appointment for therapy = 100 points
  • Taking the mental health Amuse’ course = 150 points


Points EarnedReward
200 PointsJournal or Water Bottle
400 PointsT-Shirt
600 PointsKnow Thyself Book
1000 PointsCHOW Sweatshirt


  • All participants must have a registered account on the CHOW website (it’s free!)
  • Logged in users will automatically earn points as they interact with the website
  • To earn points for offline activities, you must submit your points through the website form. You can find this form when logged in under “Account / Self Report Activity”
  • To view how many points you have accrued, log in and go to “Account / Profile”
  • To receive prizes, you must have a valid US mailing address. Add the mailing address you wish to have your prizes sent to your profile by logging in/click “profile”/click the gear in the bottom right and “edit profile”. There you will be able to add a mailing address.
  • For activities outside the CHOW website submit your information through the “Self Report Activity” form. All activity on the website will be automatically accounted for.
  • Points will remain on your account as they are accumulated, and prizes will be distributed at rewards thresholds listed above
  • We count on your honesty when reporting offline activities. We will not ask for proof and we will never share your information with anyone
  • Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have, and enjoy earning points! We love hearing about you taking steps towards health!